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Reinhold Eichacker

1886 - 1931

The author and actor Eichacker joined the military after the school where he was active as an officer till 1908.
Afterwards he went to Bonn and Munich where he studied law.

His first publication as an author already appeared in 1908 with "Allerlei Klänge" before he wrote numerous novels in the 10s and 20s.
To his works belong "Odysseus" (11), "Nach Sonnenuntergang" (12), "Der Duellgegner" (14), "Nächte der Venus" (18), "Horst Willmann" (20), "Der Namenlose" (21), "Der Kampf ums Gold" (22), "Panik" (22), "Verrückte Geschichten" (13), "Die Fahrt ins Nichts" (24), "Menschen in Not!" (29) and "Gaston, der Hochstapler" (30).

Beside it he was also the owner of the Prometheus-Verlages in Munich and he published his book under different pseudonyms like Arnold Orli, Salve, Onkel Reinhold and Sherry.

He joined the film business in 1925 and he took part as an actor in the movies "Professor Nardi" (25) with Ludwig Trautmann and Stella Harf, "Graf Greif" (25) with Bernd Aldor and Adolf Wenter as well as "Der Frauenmarder" (25) at the side of Ludwig Trautmann, Stella Harf, Jack Mylong-Münzer and Georg H. Schnell. All three movies were directed by Adolf Wenter.
For the last two mentioned productions Reinhold Eichacker also wrote the screenplay.