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Otto Eggerth

1866 - 1939

The actor and director Otto Eggerth first got acting lessons by Heinrich Richter before he started his stage career in Zurich. Later followed engagements in Regensburg, Innsbruck and Augsburg.

After other cities like Dresden and Cologne he came to Berlin in the 20s where he appeared among other theaters at the Thalia theater.

He entered the film business in 1915 and he played his first film role for "Schein und Sein" (15) with Willy Schrader. It followed the movies "Der Gürtel der Dollarfürstin" (16) directed by Walter Schmidthässler with Fern Andra and Joseph Klein and "Richmodis von Aducht/Der schwarze Tod" (18).

His last cinematical work as an actor came in 1926 into being with Arthur Bergen's "Die vom anderen Ufer" with Bruno Kastner, Maria Paudler and Olaf Storm.

Beside his activity as an actor Otto Eggerth also realised two movies as a director and screenwriter with "Wie einst im Mai" (18) with Lotte Klinder and Richard Assmann and "Ihr letzter Fall" (20) with Cordy Millowitsch and Gert Lentsch.