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Lili Dominici

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The actress Lili Dominici appeared at the end of the 10s in front of the camera for the first time and she took part in "Nerven" at Eduard von Winterstein's, Paul Bender's and Erna Morena's side as well as in "Verlorenes Spiel" (19) with Fritz Kampers, directed by Franz Seitz sen.

The height of her career followed in the 20's and she acted in productions like "Das Milliardentestament" (20) with Anton Ernst Rückert, "Anna Maria" (20) with Hugo Flink and "Marccos schwerer Sieg" (22) with Joe Stöckel in the leading role.

Afterwards followed several appearances in the popular movie serial with the figure Nobody, impersonated by Sylvester Schäffer. To these movies belong "Lucifer" (22), "Die geheimnisvollen Piraten" (22), "Der Herr der Unterwelt" (22) and "Die Dame in Grau" (22).

Only one year later came her last movies into being with "Der Sieg des Maharadscha" (23) with Luciano Albertini and "Des Kaisers alte Kleider" (23) with Dary Holm and Anton Ernst Rückert.

Other movies with Lili Dominici:
Die Ehe einer Achtzehnjährigen (19) Der Todesschacht (20) Menschliche Trümmer (20) Der Mord in der Nacht (21) Die Jagd nach der Frau (22) Jussuf el Fanit, der Wüstenräuber (22) Die Flibustier (22) Das Geheimnis der sieben Ringe (22)