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Vlasta Burian

1891 -1962

The actor Vlasta Burian became one of the most popular movie actors of Czechoslovakia in the 20s.
In the 20s he appearaed in the silent movies "Tu ten kamen" (23), "Lasky Kacenky Strnadové" (26) and "Milensy starého kriminalika" (27=.

The height of his film career followed in the 30s where he acted as a film comedian, often under the direction of Miroslav Cikan. Beside it he also acted in few German productions.
To his movies of those years belong "Der falsche Feldmarschall" (30), "To neznate Hadimrsku" (31), "Wehe, wenn er losgelassen" (32), "Funebrak" (33), "Der Adjudant Seiner Hoheit" (34), "Held einer Nacht" (35) and "Duckacek to zaridi" (38).

He continued his career in the occupied Czechoslovakia during World War II. He was also the owner of a theater in Prague.
To his works during the war belong "Ulice zpiva" (39), "Baron Prasil" (40), "Provdam svou zenu" (42) and "Zlaté dno" (43).

After the war he was accused for collaboration with the National Socialists. He was sentenced to prison several times. His theater and his not insubstantial fortune was confiscated.

Only from the 50s he was able to continue his acting career, first at the theater, later in the film business too.
To his last cinematical works belonged "Slepice a kostelnik" (51), "Nejlepsi clovek" (54), "There Was Once a King..." (55) and "Zaostrit, prosim!" (56).

Besides his activity as an actor Vlasta Burian was also an enthusiastic footballer in his younger years. In 1914 he made it to become the goal keeper of Sparta Prag where he played several years.

Other movies with Vlasta Burian (Actor):
Falesna kocicka (26) C.a.k. polni marsalek (30) Er und seine Schwester (31) On a jeho sestra (32) Lelicek ve sluzbach Sherlocka Holmesa (32) Anton Spelec, ostrostrelec (32) Revizor (33) Dvanact kresel (33) U snedenéhokramu (33) Pobocnik jeho vysosti (33) Hrdinny kapitan Korkoran (34) Nezlobte dedecka (34) Hrdina jedné noci (35) Tri vejce do skla (37) U pokladny stal... (39) Katakomby (40) Prednosta stanice (41) Ryba na suchu (42) Dva mrazici (53) Muzv povetri (56)

Ulice zpiva (39)

Funebrak (33)