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Lo Bergner

Foto: Mac Walten (1872-1936)

1895 - ?

The actress and screenwriter Lo Bergner received an education at drawing and dancing and she began her professional career as a styler.
Beside it she was also active as an author and in 1917 she wrote her first screenplay for the movie "Das Opfer der Yella Rogesius" (17). In the next years followed other screenplays for "Das Hexlein von Gross Tornau" (18), "Der Fluch der alten Mühle" (18), "Der Erbe von Skialdingsholm" (19), "Die Hand des Würgers" (20), "Gescheitert" (20) and "Unrecht Gut" (21).

Via the screenplays she got the chance to act in a movie in 1918 and in the next years followed several silent movies with her as an actress.
To these productions belong "Maximum" (18), "Lo's erster Maskenball" (19), "Der Erbe von Skialdingsholm" (19), "Die feindlichen Nachbarn" 19), "Katharina die Grosse" (20), "Dämmernde Nächte" (20) and "Die Zigarettengräfin" (22).

Lo Bergner even got the possibility to realise the movie "Die Hand des Würgers" (20) as a director, rather an exception for a woman at that time.

Moreover she wrote articles for newspapers like "Der Berliner Tag" and she wrote theater plays.

Other movies with Lo Bergner:
Der Terministenklub (19) Der Mädchenhirt (19) Das doppelte Stelldichein (19) Frauenbriefe (20) Gescheitert (20) Verkommen (20) Der Perlenmacher von Madrid (21)