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Olga von Belajeff

1900 - ?

The actress Olga von Belaieff (also called Olga d'Org) began her film career in Russia in 1918 with "Beloe i chernoe" (18) directed by Aleksandr Razumnyj.

At the beginning of the 20s she took part in movies outside Russia in different European countries.
First she went to Italy where she appeared in the productions "La medaglia e il rovescio" (20) and "Olga, Dik e Puk" (21). In the following year she took part in a Danish movie for the first time called "Store forventninger" (22) and in the same year she also made her debut in a German movie with "Es leuchtet meine Liebe" (22).

Her film career concentrated to Denmark and Germany in the next years and she impersonated numerous roles.
To her well-known movies of those years belong "Zaidia, die Tragödie eines Modells" (23), "Lasse Mansson fra Skaane" (23), "Zwei Kinder" (24), "Das Wachsfigurenkabinett" (24), "Mensch gegen Mensch" (24), "Casanovas Erben" (28) and "Die Schleiertänzerin" (29).

Her film career came to an end with the rise of the sound film.

Other movies with Olga von Belajeff:
Nedbrudte nerver (23) Die drei Marien und der Her von Marana (23) Das brennende Geheimnis/Mutter, Dein Kind ruft! (23) Der Mann seiner Frau (26)