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Theodor Becker

Theodor Becker
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1880 - 1952

The actor Theodor Becker was a successful stage actor who often appeared at theaters in Hannover and Berlin. He was very popular with his Hebbel interpretations. 

The expressive mimic joined the film business in 1916 and he made his screen debut as the valet in the movie "Das wandernde Licht" (16) with Henny Porten.

He appeared in other movies in the next years, among them "Nur ein Modell / Seine kleine Madonna" (17) with Maria Fein, "Das Todesgeheimnis" (18) and "Die Pest in Florenz" (19).

His last cinematical works came in the 20s into being before he concentrated to the theater again exclusively.
To his movies of the 20s belong "Schatten einer Stunde" (20), "Jeremias" (22), as General Seydlitz in "Fridericus Rex" (23), "Wilhelm Tell" (23), at the side of the explosive duo Henny Porten and Asta Nielsen in "I.N.R.I." (23) as the Roman captain, as the boxer Tom King in "Athleten" (25) and "Das deutsche Lied" (28).

Besides his activity as an actor he taught talented young actors, among them Wolfgang Völz.

Theodor Becker as mairried with the actresses Maria Fein and Helma Seitz. His daughter Maria Becker with Maria Fein and his daughter Renate Becker with Helma Seitz became both actresses too. 

Other movies with Theodor Becker:
Noemi, die blonde Jüdin (17) Mouchy (18) Jori, der Schlangenkönig (18) Tscherkessenblut (19) Das Fest der schwarzen Tulpe (20) Susanne Stranzky (21) Die Teufelsanbeter (23) Felicitas Grolandin (23) Ein Sommernachtstraum (25)