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Rosy Barsony

Foto: Yva (1900-1944)

1909 - 1977

The singer and actress Rosy Barsony was born as Rozsi Barsony-Sonnenschein in Budapest. She already appeared as a child actress on the stage, from 1925 she appeared as a soubrette at the Königliches Theater in Budapest.

She already made her film debut in 1918 in Hungary with "Halalos csönd" (18), ten years later followed her second and last silent movie "Maria Növer" (28). 

In 1931 she came to Germany for the first time and soon became popular as an operetta singer. To her greatest successes belong Paul Abraham's operettas "Viktoria und ihr Husar" (31) and "Ball im Savoy" (32).

The German film business became aware of her and she took part in the productions Ein bisschen Liebe für dich" (31), "Ein toller Einfall" (32), "Liebe muss verstanden sein" (32) and "Walzerkrieg" (33).

With the rise of the National Socialists her career came to an abrupt end in Germany and the Jew Rosy Barsony went to Austria . There she was able to continue her film career with "Ball im Savoy" (35) and "Die entführte Braut" (38). Beside it she also acted in some Hungarian movie productions as well.

Finally the new political situation in Europe caught up with her in her home contry too and whe was no longer able to performe in Hungary.
After the war she concentrated to her stage career and took part in different operettas. Among others she worked at the Stadttheater Klagenfurt in 1959.
Later she was engaged for French TV productions. On the big screen she only appeared seldom, for example in Käpt'n Bay-Bay" (55), "Scherben bringen Glück/Sieben Jahre Pech" (57) and "Antonia" (65).

Other movies with Rosy Barsony:
Ein bisschen Liebe für Dich (32) ...und es leuchtet die Pussta (32) A ven gazember (32) Liebe muss verstanden sein (33) Ende schlecht, alles schlecht (34) Salto in die Seligkeit/Ein Sonntag im Sommer in Wien (34) Helyet az öregeknek (34) Dschainah, das Mädchen aus dem Tanzhaus (35) Viki (37) A harapos ferj (37) 3:1 a szerelem javara (37) Die entführte Braut (38)