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Barbara von Annenkoff

1900 - 1979

The actress Barbara von Annenkoff was born as Varvara Annenkowa in St. Petersburg and was the daughter of the publicist Pawel Wassiljewitsch Annenkow. She was able to gain a foothold in the film business in the middle of the 20s. To her first movies belong "Die Fahrt ins Verderben" (24) with Adele Sandrock and Hans Adalbert Schlettow, as Helena in "Ein Sommernachtstraum" (25) with Hans Albers, Charlotte Ander and Paul Biensfeldt and in the role of Princess von Kantorowitz in "Eine Minute vor Zwölf" (25) with Luciano Albertini and Charlotte Ander.

Afterwards followed other silent movies with "Derby" (26) with Henry Stuart and Otto Wallburg, "Bismarck 1862-1898" (27) with Franz Ludwig in the title role and "Fürst oder Clown" (28) with Marcella Albani and Ivan Petrowich.

With the rise of the sound film there was a longer interruption in her film career before she appeared in front of the camera again from 1935.
To her last movies belong "Der Kaiser von Kalifornien" (36) directed by and with Luis Trenker, Viktoria von Ballasko and Elise Aulinger, Gerhard Lamprecht's "Madame Bovary" (37) with Pola Negri, Aribert Wäscher and Ferdinand Marian and at last "Tanz mit dem Kaiser" (41) directed by Georg Jacoby with Marika Rökk and Wolf Albach-Retty.

Afterwards she appeared on stage occasionally and spoke roles for radio plays.

Other movies with Barbara von Annenkoff:
Die Luftfahrt über den Ozean (24) Der Sturz ins Glück (24) Sündenbabel (25) Mein Freund der Chauffeur (26) Das Erwachen des Weibes (27) Höhere Töchter (27) Looping the Loop (28) Petersburger Nächte (35)