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Martha Angerstein

Picture Marthe AngersteinMarthe Angerstein

1885 - ?

The actress Martha Angerstein was born as Martha Maria Kempf in Warsaw. After her move to Germany she became a successful stage actress and began her career in Plauen. In the next years followed engagements on other stages, among others Leipzig, Hamburg and from 1910 Berlin.

She also gained a foothold in the early German silent movie era and played her first roles for Messter-Film.
In the film business she had her first great successes with the movies "Die Rache ist mein" (12), "Zu spät" (12) and "Schuldig" - all with Harry Liedtke as her filmpartner.

It followed the productions "Vaterliebe" (15), "Der lebende Leichnam" (18) and "Die rollende Kugel" (19).

She had her last appearances in front of the camera at the beginning of the 20's - "Entgleist" (21), "Kinder der Zeit" (22) and Tiefland" (22).

Beside it she remained true to the theater. In 1922 she already retired from the limelight. In 1933 she followed her Jewish husband, the actor Adolf Edgar Licho into the exile in the USA. There her track got lost. 

Other movies with Martha Angerstein:
Die Rache des Blutes (14) Deutsche Frauen (14) Mutter und Kind (16) Doktor Palmore - Der schleichende Tod (18) Keimendes Leben (18) Die Rache ist mein (19) Tot oder scheintot (20) Verrat auf Schloss Treuenfels (21)