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Betty Amann

Foto: Gregory Harlip (?-1945)

1907 - 1990

The actress Betty Amann was born as Philippina Amann in Pirmasens. When her family moved to the USA she first made an education as an artist in painting afterwards she began her acting career with small roles at different theaters in the USA before she started her film career there as well during the silent movie era - at this time under her stage name Bee Amann. To her first movies belong "The Kick-Off" (26), "The Beach Club" (28) and "The Best Man" (28). To her film partners belong the comedians Larry Semon and Billy Bevan.
She returned to Germany in 1928 and one year later followed her first German silent movies like "Der Sträfling aus Stambul" (29) and "Asphalt" (29) directed by Joe May.

She was able to continue her career in the sound film era and took part in German as well as English spoken productions.
To these movies belong "Der weisse Teufel" (30), "Hans in allen Gassen" (30), "The Perfect Lady" (31), "Strictly Business" (31), "Rich and Strange" (31) by Alfred Hitchcock and "Schleppzug M 17" (33).

When the National Socialist seized power in Germany the Jew Betty Amann went to England. But when she was not able to gain a foothold there as an actress she returned to Germany in the same year and worked there till 1937. But finally the circumstances became more and more difficult and she did not get any engagements so she decided to go back to the USA in 1937. But there she was also not able to continue her acting career and she appeared only in few more movies like "In Old Mexico" (38).
Her last cinematical work followed in 1943 with "Isle of Forgotten Sins" (43).

Betty Amann got the Filmband in Gold in 1987 for her activity for the German film.

Other movies with Betty Amann:
A Simple Sap (28) The Campus Vamp (28) Motorboat Mamas (28) La tentation (29) Trail of the Horse Thieves (29) O alte Burschenherrlichkeit (30) Niebezpieczny romans (30) Die grosse Sehnsucht (30) Das Lied der Nationen (31) Pyjamas Preferred (32) Daughters of Today (33) Der grosse Bluff (33) Die kleine Schwindlerin (33) Strictly in Confidence (33) Nancy Drew…Reporter (39)