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Willi Allen

1909 - 1969

The child actor Willi Allen was born as Wilhelm Panzer in Berlin. Both his father who came from Somalia and his mother who was from Germany were musicians and therefore Willi Allen grew up in an artistic impressed environment.

He made his film debut in 1914 with "Paragraph achtzig Absatz zwei" (14), it followed the movies "Sein letzter Trick" (19) and "Der Meisterschuss" (19).

He experienced the height of his film career in the 20s and he impersonated roles in the productions "Nachtgestalten" (20) directed by Richard Oswald with Paul Wegener, Conrad Veidt, Reinhold Schünzel, Erna Morena and Anita Berber, "Die Geheimnisse von New York" (20) with Theodor Loos and Hermann Vallentin, the title role in "Der kleine Muck" with Alice Torning and Conrad Dreher, Manfred Noa's "Der heilige Hass" (21), "Maciste und die Javanerin" (22) with Bartolomeo Pagano as Maciste, "Der blinde Passagier" (22) directed by Victor Janson with Ossi Oswalda, Willy Fritsch and Wilhelm Diegelmann, "Nanon" (24) with Agnes Esterhazy, Harry Liedtke, Leopold von Lebedur, Hanni Weisse and Hans Junkermann and "Der König und das kleine Mädchen" (25) with Luciano Albertini and Evi Eva.

His last appearance in front of the camera came into being with "Meine Tante - deine Tante" (27) directed by Carl Froelich with Ralph Arthur Roberts, Angelo Ferrari and Henny Porten. His further background is unknown.

After his film career he founded the jazz band "The Black Band", later he was also part of other bands like "William's Ragtime".

With the rise of the National Socialists he left Germany and he was working successfully as a musician abroad. Only at the end of the 40s he returned to Germany where he also made a contribution to the jazz in the FRG.

Other movies with Willi Allen:
Kakadu und Kiebitz (20) Wenn die Liebe nicht wär... (20) Maciste gegen den Tod (20) Macistes Testament (20) Macistes Reise (20) Die drei Tanten (21) Schuld oder Schein (21) Warum bin ich der Verlobte meiner Tochter (21) Die Schuhe einer schönen Frau (22) Der grosse Wurf (22) The Knockout (23) Der Kaufmann von Venedig (23) Seine Majestät, das Kind (23) Aus eigener Kraft (24)