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Leslie Caron


The actress Leslie Caron was early promoted by her mother and Leslie Caron attended dance studies at the Parisian conservatory. It followed first engagements in the ballet of the Champs-Elysées.

Her breakthrough came in 1951 when she acted at Gene Kelly's side in his movie "An American in Paris" (51). In the next years followed other successful movies, among them "Lili" (53) - for which she was nominated for an Oscar, "Daddy Long Legs" (55) and "Gigi" (58).

She continued her career successfully in the 60's and was convincing in "Austerlitz" (60), "Fanny" (61), "Les quatre vérités" (62), "The L-Shaped Room" (62) - for which was nominated for an Oscar again and "Paris brûle-t-il?" (66).
The following years were characterized with engagements in the USA and Europe where she was able to assert as a character actress.
Sie played in "Chandler" (71), "Damage" (74), "Valentino" (77) at Rudolf Nurejew's side, "Tous vedettes" (80), "Die Unerreichbare" (82), "Le château faible" (83) and had some appearances in the serial "Falcon Crest" (87).

To her last cinematical works belong "Lenin: The Train" (90), "The Genius" (93), "Funny Bones" (95), "The Ring" (96), "Chocolat" (00) and "Murder on the Orient Express" (01).

Leslie Caron was married four times, among others with director Peter Hall.

Other movies with Leslie Caron: 
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